Top 5 Best School App for Teachers in 2019


Teaching students is not an easy task by any means. However, there are some applications that can make it easier.

With so many apps available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, it is hard to discern which one is the perfect fit for you.

Here are some apps which help teachers ensure that their teaching methods are improved. These apps are developed by world-class app developers and they’ve been proven to super effective in helping teachers do an incredible job in their field.

Apps to help teachers

The following apps are designed to help teachers not only teach better but also keep their students engaged.

In order to help nurture young minds, teachers need to come up with innovative lesson plans and ensure that students are eager to attend their classes.

With these apps, teachers and educators are able to achieve that easily.

Let’s take a look at the best apps to engage young children:

  1. Kahoot: What could make a boring lesson seem a little interesting? When you turn it into a game of course! The Kahoot app does exactly that. All a teacher needs to do is visit the Kahoot website and feed pre-prepared questions into the game. Then, their students can download the application and answer those questions as if they were on a quiz show. Not every person has the skill required to turn something boring into an interesting and stimulating game, but with Kahoot, the task is made easier.
  2. Remind: With Remind, you can connect with parents and students in a better way. This app helps you post group messages or contact other students and parents privately. With this app, you are able to contact parents and students outside of school to remind them about important school activities and more. You can send images, videos and so on!
  3. Seesaw: Parents always want to be in the loop about what their kids are doing and what they are good at. With a Seesaw profile, teachers can help ensure that parents are able to celebrate all of their kids’ greatest achievements! This profile helps parents to see what their kids have been up to, at a glance.
  4. Pocket: A diverse teaching plan should be incorporated in school, which involves more than just reading a book. With Pocket, teachers can save videos and articles which they find pertinent to what they are teaching their students. These videos and articles can then be viewed offline and in an engaging manner which allows children to enjoy the lessons, and learn at the same time.
  5. Edmodo: With this app, teachers and students can connect with each other beyond school as well. Teachers can continue to discuss a lesson as well as post homework and assignments with this app. It is a great way for students to contact teachers if they happen to be stuck on any part of the lesson.

With the advancement of technology, lives have become easier in many ways.

With the above-mentioned apps, teachers can ensure that their students are able to advance their learning, whether they are in the classroom or not.

Teachers do not only have to rely on boring textbooks to help their students learn.

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