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TASC serves as a statewide network with a mission to provide professional support for Teaching Artists throughout California who are passionate about education and community engagement.
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Teaching artists embody both artist and educator, using their craft to actively engage a diverse range of students and audiences in arts education experiences.
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Current Issues & Multimedia Storytelling

Illustration by T.S. Abe for the New York Times.

Here’s an interesting storytelling initiative to follow. POV and the New York Times recently embarked on a joint “Embedded Mediamaker” project, announcing in August the selection of three innovative digital producers who will serve as mediamakers-in-residence over the course of five months. With a goal of merging storytelling and social platforms "to create a conversation that’s entirely new," Bayeté Ross Smith, Logan Jaffe and Saleem Reshamwala will create documentary and interactive content to explore race as it is lived today.

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The New York Times and POV also both offer rich resources for educators on their websites.

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What's New

Can Testing Save Arts Education?

How should students' work in art class be assessed?

New Hampshire, Florida, Michigan, and a handful of other states are experimenting with new standardized tests in the arts, according to the Hechinger Report. It's a development that some hope will help reinforce the place of arts in public schools and illuminate how schools' programs compare. But it also comes with some challenges and concerns about whether and how to quantify the quality of kids' creative work.

For example, coming up with a uniform and efficient way to measure a subject that’s all about creativity is difficult. In its arts tests, Florida has incorporated multiple-choice and short-answer questions that are easy to score efficiently. New Hampshire and Michigan are trying something more ambitious: devising tasks that require a student to submit a finished piece of artwork or perform a piece of music.

Click to read on about why some educators are looking to testing to bolster the argument for the arts and some of the challenges of the undertaking.

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The field of teaching artistry is a continuously growing field that can be as diverse as each individual artist. It encompasses many arts forms, teaching methodologies, learning settings and so much more. TASC wants to know your story as a teaching artist! Learn More.

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