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TASC is a collaborative Community of Practice for teaching artists and the organizations that hire them, committed to the professional support of artists who are passionate about education and community engagement in schools, community settings and social service organizations.

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Convenings, Conversations, and Trainings: WHAT MATTERS TO YOU?

Teaching artists, click here to take the California Arts Council Survey.  Your input matters!

The California Arts Council is gathering input from the community, asking: What topics and training areas are most needed?

The survey contains 12 questions, and should take no more than 12 minutes. The CAC is seeking your input for three primary areas:

  1. topics for convenings and conversations
  2. organizational capacity building needs
  3. services for artists
The goal is to gather input from as many constituents as possible byTuesday, August 5. Please share this survey with your colleagues and friends!

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Inspired by ITAC2:
What issues matter in creating a global community of teaching artists?

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Featured Blog: A California Teaching Artist in Oz

Jean Taylor from Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York directing her workshop at ITAC2 in Brisbane, Australia.  Photo credit: Maria Antvort

Reflections from the International
Teaching Artist Conference ITAC2

By Sabrina Klein, TASC Advisor

This July, TASC Advisory Council member Sabrina Klein headed off to Australia to participate as one of 200 delegates from around the world at the ITAC2 Conference engaging with issues in our field. She blogged for TASC and the Teaching Artist Journal during the convening, and her collected posts appear below.

Prelude to the ITAC2 Conference | June 30, 2014

I’m in Australia (my first visit here), a day or two before the second International Teaching Artist Conference convenes in Brisbane, Australia. I had a lousy flight over, never having been one who handles hours on a plane very well even during the smoothest flight, which this wasn’t. Landing in Sydney, still queasy and disoriented, I found myself oddly ready to be surprised, to do as Maxine Greene conjured us teaching artists--to “uncouple from the ordinary” by seeing with fresh eyes and listening with new ears. I welcomed Maxine’s spirit on this journey. Though her body left us recently, she resides powerfully in hundreds, if not thousands, of us in spirit and imagination.

So I tapped my set of useful teaching artist frameworks in order to focus myself and chose the simplest one to help me get grounded.  What do I see? What do I hear? What does it make me think about? What does it make me feel?  Click to finish reading today's blog post here or read on for more reflections from Day 1 of the conference.

Day 1 of the ITAC 2 Conference | July 1, 2014

Photo credit: Maria Antvort

Thrice welcome, drowned Viola!  -- Well, actually, no one was drowned or presumed drown, though there is at least one viola player here. But indeed, we were thrice welcomed. And then welcome again throughout the day. It’s a beautiful custom and expectation to welcome any gathering with an honoring of the traditional owners of the land and their elders, past, present, and (at least for one speaker) future.

Vignettes from the day:

First Welcome:  Australia continues to show us her best weather.  Arriving at QUT (Queensland University of Technology), I’m thrilled to find that my experience before the conference (see my first entry) is echoed at the start of today's ITAC2 convening. Turns out EVERY gathering in Australia begins with a welcome ceremony that is customized to each event, but which always honors the traditional peoples of the land and reminds us that we stand on ground with a rich history of culture, art and human experience. Deeply respectful, utterly engaging, and inviting us--again--to attend more carefully to where we are and what has come before us.  [...]

Conjurers:   Brad Haseman of QUT and Eric Booth of just about everywhere conjure us to think ambitiously about our work together. Eric asks two key questions we will consider on Thursday, our third and final day of this ITAC2 conference. He asks: 1. What is in common in our worldwide practice? What is invariant? What is at the irreducible core of teaching artistry? and 2. What could we accomplish as a worldwide functional network?  Click to read more from today's blog post here, plus more reflections from Days 2 and 3 of the conference.

ITAC2's 200 delegates pose for a group photo at the close of the conference. Photo credit: @FeralArts

Held from July 1st through 3rd in Brisbane, Australia, ITAC2 set out to identify the productive conditions that give rise to the diverse ecologies of Teaching Artistry in various parts of the world.  More information can be found at http://itac2.org.au/. 



California Arts Council grantees Dimensions Dance Theatre from Oakland.  Photo credit: Clorox Company Foundation

How to Spend $5 Million?
CAC Meets in August to Discuss Allocations

By Belinda Taylor, TASC Advisor

The California state budget that Governor Jerry Brown signed in June includes a one-time $5 million increase in general fund support for the California Arts Council. This is the largest increase in general fund monies since support for the Arts Council was cut by 94% back in 2003.

How will the CAC spend this windfall?

It is too soon to say how much of the increase will go to arts education, cautions Caitlin Fitzwater, CAC spokesperson. The Arts Council will meet this August in Southern California to begin discussions on allocating the $5 million. The CAC’s current arts education program funding has been reported at 50% of CAC budget.

"The support from California's arts community - letters, phone calls, emails, and visits to the capitol - definitely bolstered the case for this new one-time funding," Fitzwater stated, adding, “This kind of support from the field is something to celebrate.”

Artists and arts educators formed a significant part of that support from the field, aware that from its inception the CAC has been a staunch supporter of arts education. Its earlier artists in the schools residency program was the envy of state agencies throughout the country, but it was decimated overnight with the abrupt 2003 defunding of the CAC. Here’s an opportunity to restore this legacy program and expand upon existing CAC education programs.  Read more here.

Details of upcoming meeting time and date, as well as more information on CAC programs can be found at www.cac.ca.gov.
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28 Jul 2014 9:00 AM • Prescott College Granite Performing Arts Center, Prescott, AZ
05 Aug 2014 9:30 AM • Room 102, USF School of Education, 2350 Turk Blvd. SF
06 Aug 2014 8:30 AM • 1720 Broadway, 4th Floor. Oakland CA
12 Aug 2014 8:00 AM • Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland CA

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TASC of California is a collaborative of teaching artists and the organizations that hire, train, and support them.  Oversight is provided by the TASC Regional Liaison Advisory Group. TASC is a fiscally sponsored project of Intersection for the Arts.     

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